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Message of Love

God Our Heavenly Father, who is all loving, is deeply involved in our daily life. Our Father created us out of love, to share in His divine life, and to have complete access to Him, Our Father, through Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus tells us: It is not the will of your heavenly Father that one of these little ones be lost. Matthew 18:12-14

Jesus continues to speak about His love and mercy for us, especially for His young ones, because of His burning desire to share His love with them. In today’s world, many of our youth are lost and far from God, too many feel unloved, unwanted, and forgotten. Today Jesus is calling His young ones to come to His Merciful Heart. But how can they come to Jesus if they do not know Him, or worse yet, do not know of Him.


Today, many of our youth are searching for love, searching to know God, to know who they are and to discover the purpose of their life. Our youth are searching to be loved and to share that love with others.

Sadly, too many young people today are living in darkness in a world that has grown indifferent to God’s love and will for us. When our culture does not fortify our youth in faith in God, and where there is a lack of family love and support our youth become lost and far from God. Children, are the product of the family, and reflect the faith it has in God. 

Families that were once founded on God’s commandments of love and morals have changed. Families have become broken and divided. The increase of divorce continues and parents are separated from their children.

Today our youth are crying out for love.  All God’s young ones are created good but it is the way of today’s world that is leading them to evil. God’s young ones are not at fault, for they know not what they do. Without faith in God and without their family love and support, our youth will seek other ways of looking for love.

Too often our youth look for love in relationships and misuse their sexuality.  Today teen pregnancies and abortion have increased all from the lack of love and support.

Our youth turn to alcohol and drugs looking for a way out. When our youth feel that no one cares and there is no hope, depression seeps in and many times leads young people to take their own lives. Surrendering themselves to anger, our youth turn to a rebellious lifestyle. This leads to violence in homes, in schools and on the streets. Their hopes and dreams are wiped away.

Our youth continue to cry out, where is the love?  God, who is merciful, has a better life for His young ones, where tears are wiped away with joy, hearts are filled with love, the weak become strong, and new hopes and dreams come alive.

In this darkened world where many of our youth live, there is a light; a healing spirit more powerful than any darkness they may encounter. We sometimes lose sight of this force when there is suffering and too much pain. Suddenly the Spirit will emerge through the lives of ordinary youth who experience God’s Divine Mercy and hear a call, “Speak to the world about my mercy”.

Message of love from Jerry Bauman, Founder of Divine Mercy for Youth Ministry